WIRES#015 is an experimental rocket for suborbital aerospace technologies demonstration. After reaching an altitude of 6km by powered flight with LOX / LNG engine, control surface and RCS control the attitude near the apogee in order to realize stable gliding flight. The rocket touch down using airbags, velocity is decreased by the two stage parachute system.

The launch will be conducted at the Esrange Launch Site in Kiruna, Sweden.



Mission objectives of WIRES#015

Navigation, guidance, and control (NGC) system
  • Estimation of aerodynamic attitude and air speed by Fault tolerant flush air data sensing (FADS) system
  • Real-time optimal trajectory generation by DynDGA (Dynamically Distributed Genetic Algorithm)
  • Flight environment adaptive attitude control based on dynamic inversion theory
  • Attitude control by TVC (Thrust Vector Control) while powered flight
  • Attitude control by RCS (Reaction Control System) near apogee

Recovery system
  • Letdown by two-stage parachute
  • Soft landing by airbag

High pressure composite tank
  • Aluminium liner overwrapped CFRP filament winding
Propulsion system
  • Lox/LNG expander cycle engine whose thrust are variable
  • Propellant supply system