WIRES#012 is the preliminary experimental rocket for the development of WIRES#014. The objective of WIRES#012 is to establish the design methodology of the CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) body structure and a recovery system.

Its main configuration is the same as that of WIRES#014, and it is equipped with four fins instead of the main wing and tail wing. The vehicle has a semi-monocoque structure made of CFRP, and only the nose is made of GFRP to mount the GPS antenna.

After 2 failed flight experiments, the flight experiment was successful on September 29, 2011.After the successful flight test, the vehicle of WIRES # 012 was used for a flight test with the aim of autonomous guided flight by parafoil in cooperation with IHI Aerospace.


Technical demonstration of vehicle recovery system

Establishment of an Airframe Recovery System  consisting of  Two-Stage Parachute Using a Deceleration Shoot and a Main Shoot and an Airbag

Flight experiment



WIRES#012IA was developed by improving to equipped parafiles provided by IHI aerospace the structure of WIRES#012, which succeeded in a flight experiment. The object is demonstrate autonomous guided flight.


Flight experiment is conducted on March 11, 2014. However, it failed due to low-altitude due to a having problems of rocket motor.