WIRES#011 is the first winged rocket in the Space Systems Laboratory for the purpose of acquiring flight data from GPS, ADS, IMU, etc. and conducting guided and controlled flight in the ascending phase.

The fuselage is made of semi-monocoque structure using GFRP and wood, has elevator and a ladder as aerodynamic control surfaces. It is launched by the solid rocket motor and climb up to altitude of 400 m.

From February 2008 to October 2009, flight experiments were conducted 5 times, and flight data was acquired and the guided flight in the ascending phase was successful.At present, flight experiments are not conducted, but technology such as 5-hole Pitot tubes and INS/GPS sensors etc. are utilized in the current design development.



  • Ascent and return route guidance
  • AoA and Bank angle control by H ∞ theory
  • GPS/IMU Combined Navigation