Two-stage Parachute Ground Roll Deployment Test #2 2022.6.16

The second test of the two-stage parachute system was conducted at Fujigawa Runway in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
The two-stage parachute system consists of the following five steps.
1. The drogue chute ejects by igniting inflators.
2. The drogue chute is deployed to reduce the descent speed of the vehicle.
3. The 4-ring mechanism separates the drogue chute from the sling point.
4. The main chute is pulled out by the suspension force of the drogue chute.
5. The main chute is deployed to descend to the landing site.
In the first test, there were cases where the main chute could not be deployed, so we decided to conduct the test again.
Click here for the link to the first test.
In conducting this test, the 4-ring and main chute lid, which had been issues in the first test, were modified and their operation was confirmed in advance.
As a result of the test, the issues were resolved, and we were able to confirm that the main chute could be deployed from the activation of the inflators at any timing within the angle of attack range from the nominal to the assumed emergency parachute deployment.
We are confident that the two-stage parachute system will work properly even when installed on an actual vehicle, and therefore, the two-stage parachute system will be finalized for this test.
Now that the development of the parachute system has been completed, we will proceed with the development of the airbag, the other main system of the recovery system, in earnest.